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119 USD
Children (2-11ans)
Infant (1-23mois)
Discover New Caledonia from the sky. Alone or surrounded with other amphibious ultralight aircrafts enjoy the view and discover the Caledonian pearl.


Flying tour :
Alone or surrounded with other amphibious ultralight aircrafts, you may discover the west part of the lagoon, and fly over reefs and islets.

Place and time:
Free transfer from Nouméa ( city center area and hotels and from the cruise ship port for those comming from the sea) or our 
meeting point is at “Anse de la Vacherie”, Nouméa ( Nouville area) 15 minutes prior flying departure time.
*You can add 10 or 20 mns on extra  .

Flying tours are subject to wind & weather conditions. When you book it is important that you leave us with a contact number for where you are staying in Noumea (preferably a mobile phone that you will be carrying with you on the day of your tour).

If we need to cancel or change the start time of the flying tour, we will contact you to see if you can reschedule. There is no charge to you if we have to cancel due to weather.


Catalina NG is an amphibious ultralight "side by side" which will allow you to take off  as well from water as from a traditional runway with its retractable landing gear. You will be protected from the wind by a tinted windshield.

The lack of canopy will offer you the opportunity to take wonderful souvenir pictures of the lagoon, without visual obstruction.

The cruising speed will allow you to fully enjoy the overview of the lagoon and watch the dugongs and dolphins. its 2 fuel tanks offer you over a 2h30 trip.You will have all the time you will want to  discover the sensations and the joy of the aviations pioneers during their first flights.
Safety, passion, skills and friendship are our watchwords.
Welcome aboard ... and good flight


Team is here to share this passion with you. Discover the Caledonian lagoon from the sky and enjoy the turtles and dolphins show in full tranquility.

You will be picked up on arrival in a warm and professional atmosphere. Our team, in a full safely. environment and supervised by his chief pilot former fighter pilot, has put all its expertise at your service for you to make this moment unforgatable

-Bruno, ''Bob'' : an explorer and a globe-trotter, crazy about New Caledonia for more than two decades, will make you discover our mythical island.

- Thierry, ''Teddy'' : the caring pilot, who leaves nothing to chance, will take you for a dream ride.

Costa, ''Zeus'' : half bird half man, a former fighter pilot in the French Air Force for twenty years, who has finally decided to spread his strong wings in the Caledonian skies.


From Noumea : various flying-tour itineraries are available.
You may discover the west part of the lagoon, and fly over reefs and islets.
You may as well explore the southern part of the lagoon with; Maître islet, gulls islet, Amédée islet…
From Koné, discover the Northern Province with “the heart of Voh”, as part of its most valuable assets.
Flying-tour itineraries are proposed according to flight duration.
Fly by pairs
Is there anyone interested in the flight patrol ? You'll be able to share the happiness of this flight with your partner or with friends. Each one aboard an aircraft, you will get back home with unique photos immortalizing your respective overflights of the wonderful Caledonian lagoon.
Want something extraordinary ?
Why not book with a group of friends a whole day. With our partner "Terra Costa" rent a beautiful 51 feet teak clad sailboat  and spend an unforgettable day. Sail on the lagoon, overfly it! And complete it with a refreshing swim and a good me