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228 USD
Per night for two person

With its luxurious bungalows and villas settled in one of the best beaches in New Caledonia, just next to Mouli’s bridge, The "Paradis d’Ouvéa" resort blends harmoniously a modern architecture, a high quality service and the beauty of a typical place. You will discover the "Island closest to Paradise"

A 4 Star hotel on Mouli Beach

With its bungalows and luxurious villas set on New Caledonia’s most beautiful beach, a few steps from Mouli Bridge, the "Paradis d’Ouvéa resort" combines harmoniously a very modern decoration, a high quality service and the original beauty of “the island closest to Paradise”.
The beaches are made of dusty white sand and extends from out of sight ... The crystallin water, warmed by the sun, continuously goes from emerald green to cobalt blue.
The private beach of the resort is the closest of all ranges of Ouvea island - completely surrounded by an atoll.
The bridge Mouli is located at 15 minutes on walk from the beach. It is the place where the last scene of the film "The island closest to paradise" was filmed.
The beauty of the sea, which color changes at every moment, is breathtaking.
If you're lucky, you will see the giant skate deck and sea turtles


The resort is composed of 10 bungalows with view over the sea and 5 villas with terrace, bathroom, lounge, air-conditioning, telephone and minibar.

Le restaurant, bar et boutique.
"Paradis d'Ouvea" hotel offers "cottage" rooms and "villa" ones. Designed in an elegant and refined simplicity, while focusing on privacy, these rooms give off a great impression of cleanliness and freshness, both inside and outside.

Enjoy the quiet and spacious atmosphere of "Paradis d'Ouvea", your hidden retreat in the South Pacific.

La Part des Anges Restaurant

The restaurant offers island specialities on a set menu or a la carte.

Also available: Bar, lounge, traditional faré (shelter).

Open daily.


. Island Tours
. Boat tour in the South Pleiades


. Scuba diving
. Snorkelling